What is leadership: Defined by BHS Student Athletes

Before tryouts begin, we have players answer some questions as they sign up.  Here is one:


I believe leadership is having the ability to take a group of people and show them the path of success by getting them on your side. Leadership is being able to communicate to the rest of the players what the coach is trying to say and vice versa.
Setting a good example for the people who you are in charge of leading. Taking control of situations when need be. Getting things done when need be and not looking to others. Being the person everyone looks too when things get tough.
Leadership does not necessarily mean that you are the one with all the attention or the best player on the court. A leader can be this, but a leader can also be someone who puts his head down and works hard and does the right thing. Others can look at someone like that and follow their example.
The ability to make people respect and WANT to listen to your ideas.
Leadership is a person that can provide support others so other individuals can accomplish a goal as well as a team.
I think that leadership is displayed with actions not by words. As a leader it is very important to communicate with the team but I think that the most important role of a leader is leading by example. Leaders are people that are naturally looked up to and they have the respect of everyone on the team. A leader should also be able to calm the team down in hectic times and be respected. Leaders have to reach out and be comfortable with everyone on the team, not just friends.
Leadership is a person who is honest to his teammates, the ability to delegate to his teammates, and who is committed to the sport.
A leader is not only someone who takes charge but is not to demanding. Someone who has found a solid median and people look not necessarily always up to but look towards for answers, advice, and in basketball to if your a point guard run the game.
A leader is one who can maintain control over all of his team, and help them gain confidence and want to work as hard as they can everyday. Someone who can keep his teams head in the game even when things aren’t going the right way.
Leadership is very important for a team. It is picking players up, taking control of the situation and lead the team to victory. Leaders need to make sure kids are not hurting the team and get the team ready to play.
A leader is a good role model who always treats others with respect. A leader works with teammates and always gives it his all. A leader cheers for his team even when he is not playing.
Leadership is the ability to lead by example.
The most important aspect of leadership is being a good example. To be a good leader, one must represent admirable traits that others can pick up on. Also, a leader must take responsibility for his players’ well being. This encompasses constant encouragement, occasional advice, and constant facilitation of a positive environment.
Leadership is setting a good example for your teammates and being a role model. For example, always showing up on time and ready to work focused and not fooling around, picking up other teammates when they’re down and sacrificing individual statistics/goals for what is best for the team.
Leadership is the ability to lead others, specifically teammates, peers or friends, at all times, no matter what the circumstances. Those who are leaders should be able to connect with all others around them, and always set a good example. They should criticize, but not too harshly and recognize their won faults. Leadership overall is leading others through any circumstance.
Leading by example
Leadership is a quality some people posses that gives the other players around them discipline. A leader with this quality tries to pick other players up when their down and to push others to their limits.
Leadership is the ability to help your teammates be better and take responsibility for the teams actions.
A person who is always working hard and sets an example for others. Someone who brings the team when things are going bad. Someone who always has a positive attitude and is always there for the team. Someone who comes into the gym trying to make others and them self better.
A drive to improve a group by selflessly assuming your role in the whole and providing direction through action.
To give guidance and direction to a team. Someone that establishes a clear vision for the team and sets goals.
Leadership is not only instructing what to do, but actually doing it. A leader has to practice what he preaches, and a big part of that is being confident in what you say. Being a leader is being confident in what you say, and then acting on it to set an example..
Someone who is able to stand out of a group and be optimistic about an outcome even when it seems bleak.
Staying under control and calm when moments on and off the court become high pressure. When there is a problem help lead your team and don’t be selfish. Do what is best for the team, stay under control, but take control of the situation. Do not hide from the ball or the conflict.
Leadership is stepping up in tough moments, being able to control your team and the game as a whole.
The ability to lead. To set an example for your teammates. To make hard decisions and have difficult conversations. To be a role model on your team.
Leadership is helping guide a group of people to a goal and helping everyone contribute to it.
Leadership is telling and showing people what to do in order to better the situation of a team.
The ability to unite any group of people together.
The ability to unite any group of people together.
A leader is somebody who people on the team look up to in times of adversity and failure. They have to be a role model for the younger guys and really represent what it is to be a teammate. They have to know when to be serious and when to relax a little. They are somebody that people look up to and mimic their actions.
Someone who makes everyone around them better
To be a leader you must have everybody respect you and what you do. Leadership is having everyone on the same page and in agreement, not intimidation or coercion.
Leadership is a trait that shows the ability to motivate people, and if you show leadership, you make people comfortable with eachother, and work hard and just be a good example.
There is many ways to define leadership. Leadership is Someone who is a leader, someone who guides and directs others to achieve a common goal.
Leadership is also one’s ability to lead others on the right path. To be a good leader is to know something so well that you can teach it to someone else and to always make sure they too know what they are doing.
leadership: someone who instructs a group of people positively, and those people choose to buy into that person.
The ability to make all teammates excited and ready to work as one, in order to succeed.